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New Zealand Jeweller Sells Diamonds with “Mana”: Verifiable Origin Using Everledger

New Zealand Jeweller Sells Diamonds with “Mana”: Verifiable Origin Using Everledger

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London, Auckland 1 October 2021

Everledger, an independent technology company that enables traceability and provenance to high-value goods, has partnered with, New Zealand’s online diamond jewellery retailer, to verify diamond origin information for display within their website. As more diamond jewellery sales begin online, has rapidly incorporated new technologies to make the online shopping experience easier and more trustworthy for their clientele. Now that the retailer’s product pages are amplified with images of each diamond’s origin and creation process, customers can discover the truthful story of their jewellery’s provenance.

Questions around legitimate origin are consistent within the diamond trade because the journey from mine to market involves a myriad of exchanges well before a jewellery purchase is ever made. With Everledger and the use of blockchain technology, however, diamond data is recorded securely and made available to all stakeholders along the supply chain. Large brands already use this information from Everledger to verify product claims within their own e-commerce platforms, but the technology company has now made it easier for small businesses and independent retailers to incorporate these kinds of data insights with a simple plug-in and monthly subscription.

A new generation of engagement ring customers today are considering claims of sustainability in their jewellery purchases. In recognising that trusted backstories are more important than ever before, is making transparency and a commitment to ethical sourcing central to their brand experience. By adopting new technologies like diamond tracking on the blockchain and an added functionality to their product pages from Everledger, is quickly responding to the changing retail landscape with diamond information previously unavailable to stores and customers alike.

“Integrity speaks to the value New Zealanders place on honesty, trust, humility and reciprocal respect,” said Everledger Founder and CEO Leanne Kemp. We are very pleased to partner with; they have a reputation for being open, safe, accessible, down-to-earth and good to work with. All of these characteristics are cornerstone hallmarks of the Maori concept “Mana” – something that is earned, protected and respected. With Everledger, are pioneering trust and transparency for their customers whilst reimagining the emergence of tomorrow's industry.“

“Historically we have relied on the Kimberley Process and De Beers Sightholders to supply ethically sourced natural diamonds to our clients. Explaining this concept to clients has normally fallen on deaf ears, however, as this is more of a wholesale trade initiative and we really have nothing to show to back up the discussion other than a declaration on our invoices,” said Paul Bunker, Managing Director of He added: “With our target market being very much attuned to new technology, being able to offer diamonds that have proven country of origin backed through the Everledger Platform is a gamechanger for our company in every way. To be able to position as a leader in the supply of ethically sourced diamonds in New Zealand, backed by immutable blockchain technology is certainly at the forefront of our business ethos.” 


Founded in 2015, Everledger is an independent technology company helping businesses surface and converge asset information, using a symphony of secure technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, intelligent labelling and the Internet of Things. Our purpose is to contribute greater clarity and confidence in marketplaces where transparency matters most.

Everledger is committed to helping every link in the industry value chain to achieve a positive environmental impact from traceability. Our technology brings increased transparency to supply chains, benefiting stakeholders who adopt sustainable practices while bringing visibility to their end consumers.

We digitally streamline our clients’ compliance processes, to help them demonstrate the lifetime story of an asset with greater efficiency and accuracy. As technology partners, we also support in powering resilience and sustainability. With the information out in the open, we believe the value of many industries – from diamonds to fine wines, to e-recycling – will be shared by all stakeholders throughout the value chain.

Everledger is certified with the ISO 27001 standard by the British Assessment Bureau, a testament to our robust, ongoing and systematic approach to information security. Everledger has been awarded a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2018.

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Emily Philip

Communications Manager, Everledger

ABOUT DIAMONDS.CO.NZ: is New Zealand’s premier online provider of high-quality diamonds and diamond jewellery. Founder Paul Bunker maintains a wealth of knowledge, spanning over 35 years in the diamond and jewellery industry as a wholesaler to the diamond trade in New Zealand — selling to jewellery manufacturers, retail chain stores and independent retailers. Paul obtained the Graduate Gemologist Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) after completing the Diamond Course in Residence in 1983 — the first New Zealander to do so. His background as a trusted professional within the diamond trade enhances the retail experience online and in person. 



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