Hearts & Arrows

Hearts & Arrows

Hearts and Arrows can best be described as diamonds that must have Excellent make proportions coupled with perfect symmetry. Excellent cut diamonds were known to show the "Cupid Effect" which is a visual pattern of 8 hearts while looking down through the pavilion and 8 arrows when viewing the diamond from the table up position. A special Hearts and Arrows magnifying viewer (scope) is used to show this effect.

Not all diamonds cut to Excellent proportions will show this effect. The most important difference between diamonds cut to Excellent proportions and Hearts and Arrows is Symmetry. The Hearts and Arrows pattern is only possible when exceptional symmetry exists.

The pictured images are produced when viewing a diamond with perfect symmetry when seen through a special Hearts and Arrows viewer. The left image is of the table- down position creating the 8 hearts. The right image is viewed table up and shows the 8 arrows. 

Diamonds.co.nz do not supply branded hearts and arrows diamonds and GIA don’t list a hearts and arrows grading on their diamond reports. However, we are able to work within the ideal grading parameters to help you select an ideal hearts and arrows diamond without the premiums and additional margins applied to a branded diamond. We are also able to supply the ideal scope image prior to purchase for most of our diamonds, like the images you see above. 

The ideal parameters for Hearts and Arrows diamonds that we adhere to are as follows:

  • Table size range: 53–58% (55–57% is optimum)
  • Crown angle range: 33.4–36.4° (34–35° is optimum)
  • Pavilion angle range: 40.2–41° (40.6–40.8° is optimum)
  • Lower girdle halves length range: 75–80% (77% is optimum)
  • Star facets length range: 40–55% (45–50% is optimum)

If you would like assistance selecting an ideal hearts and arrows diamond, please contact us here and we would be more than happy to help you.