GST-free Purchase

GST-free Purchase

If you have plans to travel overseas, you may like to take advantage of our GST-free purchase service, where the diamond or diamond jewellery you purchased from is exported and collected as you travel overseas — allowing you to save the 15% GST.

This is a significant advantage of purchasing from a New Zealand-based company such as since, if you purchase from a company that is based overseas, you will be charged the 15% Goods & services tax to import the item.

Aside from the GST-free service, we also ship overseas (delivery fees apply). If you are based overseas, GST would not apply to your order, however, please check which duties and/or taxes you will be liable for in your country of residence.


A $395 fee is added to your invoice for this service.

Upon placing an order: Once you’ve purchased a loose diamond or completed jewellery item from, send your flight details and passport number to

1 to 3 days prior to departure: If you’re travelling out of Auckland International Airport, will email you the collection authorisation form, which you’ll need to present to the collection point airside at the airport to collect your item (if you're departing from Wellington or Queenstown, you'll need to show your order confirmation/invoice).

1 day prior to departure: will arrange for your parcel to be delivered to the airport.

When you're at the airport:  Once you have cleared customs, go to the collection booth*, and show them your invoice, passport, and order confirmation/collection authorisation form. The collection booth will give you your parcel, and you depart New Zealand with your item.

*The collection booth is the Collection Point at Auckland International Airport (see the location below), Lotte Duty-Free at Wellington International Airport, and Aelia Duty-Free at Queenstown International Airport. 

Collection Point Auckland International Airport.                     Collection Point auckland Map

Collection Point - Auckland International Airport Departures