Ethical Diamond Policy

Ethical Diamond Policy is committed to the ethical sourcing of diamonds and has a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds.

The De Beers Sightholders, from which we source our diamonds, follow the Best Practice Principles (BPPs) Assurance Program as well as the 'Kimberley Process', which is an international process that tracks and certifies a group of diamonds from the diamond mine to the marketplace — so you can be assured your diamond has come through the correct channels and has been ethically sourced.

Recently, we have partnered with Everledger to provide blockchain-enabled diamonds. Everledger's technology creates a digital twin of every blockchain-enabled diamond we sell, which acts as a secure and permanent digital record of the diamond's provenance — the history of its origin, characteristics and ownership. 

Our objective is that your purchase is an enjoyable process — without concerns regarding diamond origin, treatment or inaccurate diamond grading reports.

Diamonds are mined all over the world from Africa, Russia, Australia and Canada, and the diamond industry helps many African countries in providing employment and improved healthcare to their populations, particularly in Botswana. 

DTC Sightholders

We have a close association with leading De Beers Sightholders, enabling us to access diamonds from diamond manufacturers globally — at the correct prices.

The De Beers company are rough diamond miners and distributors and are involved in every step of the diamond mining process. The De Beers ‘Sightholders’ are the select companies chosen by De Beers to purchase the rough diamonds for cutting, and include only those who follow best business practices, the ‘Kimberley Process’, and other initiatives as outlined above.

Synthetic Diamonds

Several online diamond retailers now sell synthetic/lab-made/factory-made diamonds. However, here at, we appreciate the beauty of natural diamonds and, as such, we do not sell diamonds that are made in a laboratory.

The main suppliers from which we source our diamonds use technologies including Diamondsure, Diamondview and Raman Spectroscopy to identify synthetic and treated diamonds.