Blockchain-Enabled Diamonds

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Everledger’s blockchain technology supports by creating a digital equivalent, or “twin”, of every blockchain-enabled diamond we sell, which acts as a secure and permanent digital record of the diamond’s provenance — the history of its origin, characteristics, and ownership.

This digital twin is associated with secure copies of all available provenance records and there is complete transparency of this provenance data to everyone in the chain of custody.

What’s more, these records are immutable, meaning it is impossible to alter one record on the blockchain without altering everyone’s copy of the relevant record on the blockchain.

This technology ensures that our supply chain is now more transparent and trustworthy than ever before.

The process to retrieve the immutable blockchain records of your blockchain-enabled diamond, purchased through is as follows:

  • Firstly, the diamond provenance data is transferred by the De Beers Sightholder diamond manufacturer to the vault on the Everledger platform.
  • then transfers the diamond provenance data from our vault to you as the new owner, via email.
  • Upon receiving an email alert that your diamond has been transferred, you are then able to set up your own account on the Everledger platform to view this immutable information that is unique to your diamond.
  • If, in the future, you decide to sell or gift your diamond, the process can be repeated on the Everledger platform, which will create an additional provenance record of the event and the diamond continues its journey on the blockchain.

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