Diamond Education

Learn about diamonds — including the 4Cs and diamond grading reports — in diamonds.co.nz's education portal.

When purchasing a diamond or diamond ring, it is important to make an informed decision. That's why we have created a comprehensive diamond education section so that our customers can gain knowledge about diamonds from New Zealand's most experienced diamond experts (we have been diamond merchants since 1984).

Read about the 4Cs system used to determine the quality of diamonds, as well as about diamond grading laboratories and the diamond grading reports they create, which accompany all diamonds purchased on diamonds.co.nz.

In this education section, you can also learn more about specific diamond topics, including diamond fluorescence, diamond treatments used to enhance diamond clarity or colour, synthetic (man-made) diamonds that are created in a laboratory/factory, and the various types of diamond shapes.

There is also a useful glossary that you may find convenient.

Start here: The 4Cs of Diamond Quality