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Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

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Halo diamond engagement rings continues to be a popular choice for many engagement ring buyers. The term ‘halo’ refers to a selection of smaller diamonds that encircle the centre diamond to create a halo effect. The reasons for it’s popularity are obvious. You can get more bang for your buck as the smaller diamonds add to the size of the centre diamond making the overall look of the ring larger. The halo also creates extra sparkle and sets off the centre diamond. Another feature is that the smaller diamonds that encircle the centre diamond increases the total diamond weight of your ring. There is also the option of adding colour to the halo with the use of yellow or pink diamonds, for example. The halo diamond engagement ring is a feminine and beautiful choice.

Today we are taking a look at our favourite halo designs from our online collection.


Our Solstice Setting features a bead set diamond halo surrounding the centre diamond with a single row decorating the shoulders. No sparkle is spared. Shop here.

LZ916-R38213-1 T2T

The halo featured in the Esme Setting brings the old world glamour beauty of this ring to life. Shop here.


The halo featured here in the Zara Setting adds significant size to the centre diamond making it a beautiful and affordable design. Shop here. 

BR812-D36014-1 T2T

The Florence Setting is beautifully delicate and the halo surrounding the centre diamond adds femininity and size. Shop here. 


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