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How to buy a Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

How to buy a Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

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If you want all the focus to be on your beautiful diamond, the solitaire engagement ring is the way to go. Not only is it the most classic and timeless option available, there is no better way to highlight your diamond than securing it in a simple solitaire setting. Here, we outline how to buy the perfect solitaire engagement ring.

Setting Styles

The main options for your solitaire engagement ring are the six-claw, four-claw, bezel and half bezel settings with many band alternatives too. The six-claw solitaire engagement ring is where the diamond is held by six claws to secure it in place. This is a favourite because people feel a sense of security from the six claws, especially for larger diamonds over 1 carat. The claws create the ‘round’ shape that surrounds the girdle of the diamond. The four claw option is also very popular as it has very minimal metal surrounding the diamond allowing a lot of light in, maximising brilliance and sparkle. The four claws create more of a ‘square-ish’ appearance to a round diamond.

ParisBR819-D38193-1 T

The Paris Setting – Six claw


The Serenity Setting - Four Claw 

The bezel set solitaire engagement ring is a popular option when looking to really protect your diamond – especially the girdle. Not only is this style contemporary and modern, it is perfect if you have an active lifestyle as there are no claws to potentially catch and the metal completely encases the diamond. There is usually a space between the setting and the band to allow light in to ensure the diamond sparkles. The half bezel is another alternative that is of a contemporary appearance and is perfect for protecting the diamond while allowing light in on either side of the setting.

GenevaBR818-D38122-1 A

The Geneva Setting – Full Bezel


The Callie Setting – Half Bezel

Other diamond shapes

If you love the solitaire style but are looking for something a little bit different, try a fancy shape solitaire instead. The princess shape solitaire is the next most popular after round. Other alternatives include emerald, oval, radiant, asscher, marquise and pear shape solitaires – really, any diamond shape can be in a solitaire setting so you are definitely not limited to just the round shape.

EstelleLZ902-D39444-1 A22T

The Estelle Setting – Emerald Shape


The Olivia Setting – Princess Shape

MadisonRS718-D39434-1 A22T

The Madison Setting – Oval Shape

Metal Options

Our gold is available in 9 carat and 18 carat and in White, Yellow or Rose. A popular option is to have a yellow gold band with white gold claws, to create a two-tone effect. White gold jewellery is rhodium- plated, which is a metal from the platinum family used to coat the white gold giving it a highly reflective silvery finish, while adding extra durability and corrosion resistance.

Platinum is another option for a solitaire diamond engagement ring and is often used for large diamond jewellery because of its density (almost double that of gold). Platinum is a naturally silvery-white metal that is hypo-allergenic, corrosion resistant and is one of the rarest metals on earth.

Learn more about precious metals here.

Wedding rings  

The solitaire engagement ring plays nicely with almost every wedding band option. Whether you want to add more diamonds or keep it simple with a plain gold band or play it up with a different colour of gold to the engagement ring, the options are endless.



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