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What You Should Know About Diamond Shapes Before You Buy

What You Should Know About Diamond Shapes Before You Buy

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Buying a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring can be hard work. Even more so when you don’t know what you want, what’s available, and how much you want to spend. Then, you haven’t even considered the myriad of different shapes that are available. The entire process can seem overwhelming. 

Fortunately, with the right experts on your side to provide the information you need, you can be on the right track in no time. Read on to learn everything you need to know about diamond shapes before you buy. 

The Cut of the Shape

Before you start shopping for your new diamond ring, it’s a good idea to understand how the cut of the diamond shape can impact the decision-making process. In fact, the cut of the shape can determine its value. 

A round diamond is the only shape that will have an official cut grade. Other diamond shapes have a cut ratio. It is important to consider the diamond’s polish and symmetry when buying a fancy shape diamond. 

Length to width diamond shape ratios:

  • Asscher – 1 - 1.05
  • Square Cushion – 1 - 1.10
  • Long Emerald – 1.35 – 1.50
  • Heart – 0.90 - 1.10
  • Marquise – 1.75 - 2
  • Oval – 1.35 - 1.50
  • Pear – 1.50 - 1.70
  • Princess – 1 - 1.05
  • Round – 1 - 1.02
  • Radiant – 1 - 1.02 

Even though there is an abundance of diamond shapes on the market, there are some that are more popular in New Zealand and around the world than others. 

Currently, round diamonds are the most popular shape. If you believe a round diamond engagement ring or wedding ring is the right one for you, then don’t delay in checking out what's available online. 

What Diamond Shapes Exist?

The most common diamond shape is round, but you may be surprised to learn that many diamond shapes exist. What you pick for yourself or your significant other can come down to your preference and what the diamond shape means to you. 


During the early 20th century, the Asscher diamond shape was one of the most popular. It was developed by the Royal Asscher Diamond Company in 1902 and was similar to an emerald cut diamond. However, unlike the emerald cut, the Asscher cut is square, as opposed to rectangle. 


During the 20th century, the cushion cut diamond was at the height of fashion. Its name is very similar to its shape – like a cushion or pillow, and it has rounded corners and generous surfaces. This diamond shape is slowly gaining momentum in the current market once more. 


The history of the emerald diamond shape dates back to the 16th century. It has step cuts and a generous rectangular table that makes it stand out from the crowd. 


If you have been on the hunt for the perfect diamond engagement ring, then why not get one that has a heart-shaped diamond? This diamond shape represents love in a visible form and has been a popular option for hundreds of years. The first mention of such a diamond shape was as far back as 1463. 


In the 19th century, King Louis XV commissioned a diamond company to cut a diamond that would look like the lips of his mistress, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, the Marquise of Pompadour. As a result, the marquise diamond was born. It resembles a football with long and narrow shaping. 


Believe it or not, an oval diamond shape is quite a new addition to the diamond scene. It didn’t hit the market until the 1960s. It has now become one of the most popular shapes for engagement rings. 


The pear-shaped diamond is one of the most difficult to cut, which means a “perfect” one is hard to find. Still, they are a popular option even today. Women wear them with the point facing toward the fingertip. 


The princess cut diamond hit the market in the 1980s, and it quickly became one of the most popular diamond shapes. It’s in the shape of a square with pointed corners. 


Around 75 percent of diamonds sold around the world are round, which well and truly make them the most popular diamond shape for sale. The circular shape aids in making it a visually appealing stone, while also maximising light. 


As the name suggests, the radiant diamond cut is beautifully radiant. It can be square and rectangular and has trimmed corners. This diamond shape is elegant and striking, making it the perfect option for brides-to-be.

Are You Ready to Find the Perfect Diamond for You?

Whether you are looking for diamond engagement rings or wedding rings, you will quickly discover that there is no shortage of options. Why not get in touch with a diamond expert who can help you narrow down your choices?

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