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5 Easy Steps for Creating a Custom Diamond Ring

5 Easy Steps for Creating a Custom Diamond Ring

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Choosing the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring can be a challenging process. Especially when you don’t know where to buy it, what you are looking for, and what will mean the most to your significant other. You can find yourself faced with dozens of options, but not all of them will display themselves as being “the one”. 

That’s why so many happy couples are now looking at creating a custom diamond ring. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in the collections of existing designs, then come up with your own idea. Fortunately, leading jewellery experts make the entire process simple. Read on to learn the five easy steps for creating a custom diamond ring

Step 1# Choose a Diamond

Choosing the perfect diamond for your engagement ring or wedding ring can be easy when you shop with leading jewellery businesses. Often, there is an online process that allows you to choose your shape, carat, colour, clarity, and price range. 

There is a variety of different diamond options for people to discover, such as round, cushion, oval, and emerald. You can then customise your purchase depending on your budget. 

If you need a helping hand with colours, then you will not be short of information to help you decide on that front, too. The most important thing to remember is that it’s not a decision to rush. Take your time, think about the diamond’s meaning, and ask for help if you are unsure. 

Step 2# Think About Your Dream Ring

Once you have found that dream diamond that “speaks” to you, then it’s time to start thinking about design options. Is there something you’ve seen before that piqued your curiosity? Are you a keen artist with a creative mind to sketch something? 

Often, when you create a custom diamond ring online, you can share your brainstorming session with a jewellery expert to come up with a winning design. The best part is, you can end up with a diamond ring that’s as unique as your love for your significant other. 

Step 3# Work with Jewellery Consultants and CAD Drawers

You may be wondering who will help you through the entire custom diamond ring creation process. After all, you want the ring to be perfect, so you only want the best experts to assist. Both jewellery consultants and CAD drawers are the best people to work with to create your dream ring. 

A CAD drawer is someone who uses a computer-aided design program to help bring your preferences and ideas to life. CAD is not only used in jewellery creation, but in other industries like shipbuilding, automotive, and aerospace. A jewellery consultant will also be on hand to answer any questions you might have about the custom creation process. 

Step 4# Let the Fun Begin

The beauty of creating your own custom wedding ring or engagement ring is being involved in the entire process. 

Not only do you get to choose a diamond you adore, but you can talk about diamond settings, weight, metal, and more. At this point, all your design ideas are starting to come to life. Once you and your jewellery expert of choice have worked out the finer details, it’s a matter of waiting until the ring is created. 

Step 5# Wait for the Diamond Ring

Once the custom ring creation process is underway, communication between you and your jewellery team continues. A jewellery consultant will contact you as the ring reaches various stages, and will even alert you to timeframes. Depending on the complexity of the design, it can take three to four weeks from the arrival of the diamond to craft the ring. 

When it’s ready to be shipped, the team will let you know. Many online jewellery businesses in NZ ship free around New Zealand. 

It’s Time to Create Your Custom Diamond Ring

Given how effortless and straightforward creating your custom diamond ring can be, why not get the ball rolling? While there are some outstanding ring designs for sale, there’s something quite special about designing your own. 

Around 20,000 couples get married in NZ every year, but how many of them can say they have a custom-made ring? Start looking at your engagement ring and wedding ring options today.

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