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Experience a new way of buying a diamond engagement ring

Experience a new way of buying a diamond engagement ring

Posted in: Diamonds | Posted on: Thu, 03 Dec 2015

Have you ever found yourself lamenting the prospect of entering a jewellery store and being hounded by a sales representative? Have you found yourself questioning whether the sales representative is motivated to help you select the best diamond engagement ring for you, or whether they are motivated by strict sales targets that they must meet?

Here at, we recognize that purchasing a diamond or diamond engagement ring can be a big decision and warrants researching your options before making the final decision. That’s why our online buying process enables you to have full support from us via phone, email and online chat as well as being able to book a consultation to discuss your options with a company that has experience in the industry since 1984. We also have a comprehensive education section on, which enables you to make an informed decision when buying online.

We are committed to providing you, the customer, with true value. As well as having instock diamonds, the diamonds listed on our website are with our overseas suppliers, which means that we can offer you as competitive prices as possible and can provide you with a greater range of options than a retail store.

At, the process of buying a diamond or diamond engagement ring means that you can fully research your options before making your decision, under the guidance of professionals that have extensive experience in the industry, without the pressure that may come with trying to make a decision in retail stores that are often housed by sales experts rather than diamond and jewellery experts.

It’s a new way of buying a diamond or diamond engagement ring. It allows our customers to experience true value.

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