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How to choose unique jewellery

How to choose unique jewellery

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Choosing a unique item of jewellery is a wonderful way of expressing one’s style and personality or the love and commitment you have for one another through a symbolic engagement ring.

So, whether you’d like to include a unique diamond shape and or colour, or custom design something unique to you, read on to find out more about creating your dream unique item of jewellery.

Diamond Shapes

Have you ever considered a unique fancy diamond shape? When you think of a diamond, most people instantly think of a round diamond as it’s the most popular diamond shape globally (and for good reason!). But if you are interested in a unique item of jewellery or engagement ring, considering a fancy shape centre diamond such as a pear, marquise or oval is a great option. Along with a unique and stylish look, they also appear larger on the hand than round diamonds of the same carat weights, which is a bonus! You can opt to set your fancy shape diamond in a simple solitaire or create something even more unique by custom designing a setting to compliment the diamond of your choice. The options are endless. Browse our large selection of fancy shape diamonds in a wide range of qualities and size via our diamond search here.

Diamond Colour

Did you know that diamonds not only come in the colourless variety, they also come in every colour of the rainbow? Coloured diamonds are rare and unique, making them a fantastic unique jewellery option. Select your favourite diamond shape and colour and look to available options within your budget. They are also a beautiful way of expressing meaning and commitment as a unique engagement ring.  Combine a coloured diamond with white diamond sides in a three stone, surround it in a halo of smaller white diamonds or simply show off the colour in a simple solitaire – the options are very customisable to your unique tastes and ideas. Browse our curated selection of coloured diamonds on and read about origin and the amazing way in which coloured diamonds are formed via our education portal.

Custom Design

Custom designing an item of jewellery can be an exciting process that results in an item of jewellery that’s exactly to your specifications and unique to you! Here at, we have a straightforward and enjoyable custom design process where we can customise one of our existing designs or custom design an idea you have in mind from scratch. We can even custom design a unique wedding ring. We use computer aided technology to bring your ideas to life and keep you informed throughout the entire process. See more information about this exciting process here.


Did you know the British Royals combine a Platinum engagement ring with a yellow wedding band? So even though mixing metals is a traditional idea, you can have a lot of fun mixing different metal colours to create unique jewellery. Talk to our jewellery experts about the best metal options to suit your preferences and lifestyle. When you think of an engagement ring, most people imagine a white metal, but there has been a large increase in recent years in the popularity of yellow and rose gold engagement rings for a unique and even vintage-inspired flair.


Apart from a traditional diamond, gemstones also make a wonderful engagement ring option which add size and colour for often a more affordable price point. Like diamonds, gemstones are sourced in every colour of the rainbow and can really stand out from the crowd. Our team will help you choose the best gemstone for your budget and advise you on those options that will stand the test of time in terms of durability, particularly for engagement rings. Gemstones come in all shapes and sizes as well so you can have a lot of fun bringing a very cool ring to life. 

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