Precious Metals Guide

Our diamond rings and jewellery are available in Platinum and White, Rose and Yellow Gold.

The gold used in jewellery is ethically and sustainably sourced from small alluvial gold mines in New Zealand's South Island and is cast by a NZ-based precious metals bullion company.

Platinum Platinum

Platinum is double the density and weight of gold and is ideal for precious jewellery and large diamond rings.

As one of the rarest elements on earth, it is the least reactive metal and is great for sensitive skin since it is hypoallergenic.

Found in copper ores, mainly in South Africa, platinum exudes a cool lustre that complements the sparkle and fire of well-cut diamonds.

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 White Gold White Gold

White gold is most commonly made up of gold and two other white metals, usually palladium and copper. The additional metals give white gold durability since pure gold is considered too soft for jewellery.

White gold is a popular choice of metal for engagement rings and wedding bands.

At, diamond engagement rings in White Gold are made in either 14K or 18K White Gold.

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Yellow Gold Yellow Gold

Pure gold has a bright yellow colour and lustre, which is maintained since it does not oxidize in air or water.

It is one of the least reactive chemical elements and is a popular choice for diamond engagement rings.

At, diamond jewellery in yellow gold is either 9K or 18K Yellow Gold.

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Rose Gold Rose Gold

Rose gold — also known as pink gold or red gold — is a combination of yellow gold and copper and is widely used for specialised jewellery.

Rose gold was especially popular in Russia at the beginning of the 19th century. jewellery in rose gold is made in either 9K or 18K Rose Gold.

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