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Intergenerational Jewellery — one family’s story

Intergenerational Jewellery — one family’s story

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Intergenerational jewellery is a special way to connect with family history and traditions

Intergenerational jewellery refers to pieces of jewellery that are passed down from one generation to the next within a family. The pieces usually have sentimental value and are cherished for their history and the memories associated with them, and of course evoke memories of the original owner to the current wearer of the treasured item.

Let me give you two examples by telling what has happened within my own family. My Grandmother on my dad’s side loved jewellery and as she became older and a grandmother to four girls and two boys, she looked at her ring collection and made sure she had a lovely piece to gift each granddaughter.

The eldest chose the emerald and diamond ring, her sister the ruby and diamond, next came my sister who received a sapphire and diamond, then me the youngest a diamond multi band. The two boys received a gold chain to gift their future wives.

Now it may sound that this is a wealthy family and I can tell you this is not the case. My dear Grandma built her collection over many decades and she worked in offices in a generation when it was more common for women to work solely in the home. She gave jewellery some priority and obviously passed this trait on to my father, Paul and so it goes on to myself and sister, Monique.

On my Mum's side of the family, a different approach, as my Nana did not hold jewellery in such esteem. After her engagement ring went to my Aunty as the eldest, there remained my Great Grandmother's 5 stone engagement ring. You guessed it — there are five granddaughters on that side of the family! designed a simple single stone ring with each granddaughter choosing the gold into which it would be set. These five rings now form a link between each of my girl cousins and a memory to our dear Nana.

Diamonds are a popular choice for intergenerational jewellery because they are durable, timeless, and valuable. It is diamonds that are more often than not used in engagement rings, wedding bands, and other special occasion jewellery that are passed down from one generation to the next.

We at have been asked on occasion, to source a diamond (or two) so that a mother can leave each of her daughters an equivalent ring when the time comes. Often the mother does not replicate the existing ring but may choose a different shaped diamond with aim of the daughters receiving approximately equivalent value.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to incorporate diamonds into intergenerational jewellery is a personal one and depends on individual values and beliefs. Perhaps we at have given you food for thought. Some families may choose to continue or begin a tradition of passing down diamond jewellery, while others may opt for alternatives that align more with their family values. 

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

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