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The Current Debate: Factory Made Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds

The Current Debate: Factory Made Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds

Posted in: Feature | Posted on: Wed, 23 Dec 2015

Factory – Made Diamonds are entering the jewellery market quick and fast as a cheap alternative to the real thing. This has created great debate among consumers and the industry as to what one you would ultimately want sitting on your ring finger forever.

As well as being cheaper, factory-made diamonds are seen to be an ‘ethical’ option compared to the natural diamonds that are sourced through mining. Following the Kimberly Process ensures natural diamonds have been ethically mined and this actually supports the third world countries that are involved such a Botswana, for example. All of diamonds follow this process.

With the increase in factory-made diamonds entering the market it is important to know what you are purchasing. It is legal to sell factory-made diamonds but the consumer must always be made aware of what they are purchasing, so ensuring your natural diamond comes with a legitimate grading report is important. Last year, 360,000 carats of factory- made diamonds were produced compared to that of 126 million carats of natural diamonds. Here at, we believe there will always be a great demand for real, natural diamonds- there is nothing else in the world quite like it.

Is an engagement ring really an ‘engagement ring’ if it has been produced in a factory? Factory-made diamonds takes the emotion out of the equation and puts price point at the centre and that’s not always what people want, also remembering that natural diamonds can also be purchased at most price points. Shlomo Tidhar, CEO of Singapore Diamond Exchange, concurs. “I believe it will be very hard for me as a man to buy a woman I love a synthetic diamond,” said Tidhar. Natural diamonds have captured people’s hearts for centuries and continue to hold their value both emotionally and financially.’s focus is on natural diamonds, and always will be. We sell emotion and love and the idea that these amazing elements of the earth have taken billions of years to form, and there’s real value to that.

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