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August's Birthstone: PERIDOT

August's Birthstone: PERIDOT

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Peridot is said to bring the wearer power and influence that hosts magical powers and healing properties to protect against nightmares.

Peridot is brought to the earth’s surface by Volcanoes and is a gem-quality variety of Olivine. Historically, a volcanic island off the Red Sea had the most important deposit of Peridot that was exploited for 3500 years.


Peridot is one of the only gemstones that can only be found in one colour, although the shades of green may vary from light yellowish green to dark brownish-green tints. The depth of green is dependent on the level of iron content. Customers are mostly attracted to the bright lime and olive greens.


Peridot are relatively inexpensive and like other gemstones are priced based on the size and quality of the stone. The finest quality of Peridot comes from Mogok in Burma and Pakistani Peridot is now highly regarded as well. Eye-clean peridot is plentiful and occurs with exceptional transparency.

Moh’s Hardness Scale

Peridot is 6.5-7 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, so special care and attention is needed for everyday wear.


Peridot is not typically treated or enhanced. There have been recent reports of metal-foiled Peridot to increase stability. Imitation Peridot can also be found and something to be aware of.


This particular gemstone makes great fashion jewellery and unique custom designed pieces. If you are interested in a Peridot item of jewellery, let our jewellery consultants help you bring your ideas to life and source you a Peridot gemstone to treasure for years to come. / 0800 88 88 37

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