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What You Need to Know Before Buying Eternity Rings

What You Need to Know Before Buying Eternity Rings

Posted in: Engagement

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You may have already looked at your options regarding engagement rings and wedding rings, but what about eternity rings? Have you heard of them? Do you know what they symbolise? Eternity rings, or infinity rings as they are sometimes known, could be the perfect surprise for your significant other. Still, the more you know about them, the surer you can be.

What is an Eternity Ring?

Wedding rings and engagement rings both serve their purpose as a symbol of love before and on a wedding day. An eternity ring, while equally as special, is a little bit different. This type of ring is a token of love and, of course, represents the desire to spend an eternity together, as the diamonds or gemstones decorate the entire circumference of the ring. 

These rings can come as a pair, one for the husband and one for the wife, and are often gold or platinum with diamonds, coloured diamonds or gemstones. The diamond quality and metal type dictates the price tag. 

Eternity rings are often a sound option for married couples who want to celebrate something special, such as an anniversary or a vow to spend eternity together. 

The gift of such a ring is not new, either. History shows us that Egyptians had rings that were tokens of life and love as far back as 4,000 years ago. But unlike the beautiful rings we have today, those of several thousand years were a little less elegant. They were often standard circles of metal with stones that cut through the entire ring’s circumference, or with one large stone on the top. 

Some of the more detailed infinity rings during Egyptian times also symbolised a snake, with its head devouring its tail to form a ring. The snake was a symbol of eternity, known as an ouroboros

On Which Finger Should You Wear an Eternity Ring?

For couples who are already married, having another ring to wear can make things challenging. After all, if you are already wearing an engagement ring and wedding band, then the ring finger is closed for business.

If you have both rings, you can wear an eternity ring on the ring finger of the right hand. But given its symbolism, it’s not overly important. The aim is to remember what the ring symbolises every time you look at it. You can also stack an eternity band with your wedding set on the left hand for extra impact. 

When Should You Gift Eternity Rings?

Most people know exactly when they should give an engagement ring and wedding ring. The engagement ring is during or after your proposal, and the wedding ring is on the big day. So, where does an eternity ring fit into the picture? 

Often, people gift their loved ones with an infinity ring during a monumental life milestone. Traditionally, it has been a wedding anniversary – even if giving gemstones before your 40th and 60th wedding anniversaries doesn’t tie in with traditional anniversary gifts. 

But a wedding anniversary doesn’t have to be the only occasion. Given that an eternity ring can symbolise eternal life, it can hold significance after the birth of the first child into the family. Still, there are no set rules for when and why you can buy one. If the timing feels right, and you have a special event to celebrate, an eternity ring can be the perfect gift. 

How to Choose the Best Eternity Ring

Like the variety of wedding rings and engagement rings for sale, there is an abundance of options in the realm of eternity rings, too. Therefore, it’s not a decision you should rush. Consider asking a diamond expert for help, as they can find the perfect ring within your budget. You can also factor the following into the decision-making process. 

Your Budget

The first thing that’s worth doing is deciding how much you want to spend on an eternity ring. The age-old rule of three months’ salary for an engagement ring doesn’t have to apply. Fortunately, there are plenty of rings for sale that are the perfect mix of quality and value. As a result, your decision can be more straightforward than you might think. 

Diamonds & Gemstones

Do you prefer diamonds or coloured gemstones, or perhaps a combination of both? There is an abundance of options that are bound to suit your preferences. 

The Metal

The two most popular precious metals are gold and platinum. If you are on the hunt for an eternity ring to match your wedding and engagement rings, then consider sticking with these premium metals. 

Surprise Your Significant Other

Once you’ve chosen your new eternity ring, it’s time for the big reveal! Why not make the day even more special by going out for a meal, seeing a movie, or going for a walk on the beach? An eternity ring can be a beautiful offering, but there’s no harm in making the entire day one to remember, as well.

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