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Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2022

Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2022

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If you’ve made the bold decision to make 2022 your year, a proposal might be on the cards. You might have decided that you want to marry the love of your life, and now you’re about to embark on the memorable journey of ring hunting. 

While you don’t have to follow trends when it comes to diamond engagement rings, there’s no harm in seeing what’s likely to stand out in the year ahead. Here are our predictions of the top engagement ring trends of 2022. 

Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval cut diamonds were the most popular diamond shape in 2020, followed closely behind by round diamonds and cushion diamonds. While you might think this diamond would become less popular with time, that doesn’t appear to be the case. 

Happily married couples are still choosing to purchase oval cut diamond engagement rings, and it might have something to do with how classic and timeless they look. As the years and even decades go by, this beautiful cut never looks dated. As a result, it may be a diamond shape you consider for your own ring as we start this new year. 

Two-Stone Engagement Rings – Toi Et Moi

Solitaire rings are absolutely gorgeous, and they continue to be a popular option with many brides-to-be. Although, two-stone engagement rings or ‘toi et moi’ are also finding their feet in 2022. 

Toi et moi translates to ‘you and me’ in French, and these rings boast two stunning gemstones fitted side by side. The style symbolizes two people coming together, and it’s the epitome of romance. 

Many celebrities have shown off their two-stone engagement rings in recent years, which may explain their popularity. Emily Ratajkowski, Megan Fox, Kylie Jenner, and Ariana Grande are just a few of the many women in possession of stunning toi et moi rings. 

While they may be a trend of the upcoming year, they have actually been around for several hundred years. These rings were first designed in 1796 when Napoleon Bonaparte gifted one to his wife, Josephine de Beauharnais. 

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Engagement rings with three stones haven’t always been in the top spot of some of the most popular engagement rings, but it’s looking that way for 2022. Three-stone engagement rings are adored for their large spread across the finger, and they are available in many precious metals, like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. 

Not only are everyday couples choosing three-stone engagement rings to celebrate their nuptials, but so are celebrities. Paris Hilton, Sofia Vergara, and Christina Ricci are just a few of the many women who have chosen this beautiful ring style. You may decide to follow their lead and consider them for yourself. 

Natural Diamonds

One of the top engagement ring trends of 2022 surprised many people. It wasn’t the cut, colour, clarity, or even the carat size but, instead, how the diamonds were made. More people than ever before are researching what their diamonds are and where they come from before purchasing them. 

This is because lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic diamonds, are now being made at a fast pace in laboratories. While they look like natural-grown diamonds, they are much more affordable and, possibly, less valuable than their natural-grown counterparts. 

Many experts are also reassuring people that natural diamonds will hold their value better in the future while also potentially being eco-friendlier to produce. As a result, people are searching specifically for natural diamond engagement rings rather than focusing purely on the design of a ring for a proposal. 

Bezel Settings

A ring setting is generally one of the lesser considered parts of the decision-making process, but it still factors into the process nonetheless. Some settings are better suited to people’s style preferences and needs than others, and people are realising that when they discover bezel settings. 

Bezel settings consist of metal surrounding the girdle and encasing the diamond. Rings with this setting often appear more contemporary and can even be stronger since they can hold a diamond in place more securely than prongs. The metal will secure the centre diamond, prevent it from working loose and falling out, and even protect it from damage. 

For people with busy and active lifestyles, this can be a weight off their minds. They may not need to worry about their ring as much as they would if it had a less robust setting. 

Purchase Your Dream Engagement Ring Today

Engagement rings are a personal choice, and everyone has their own preferences. However, if you’re not sure where to begin, consider the top engagement ring trends of 2022 and consult NZ diamond business for help and advice.

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