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Coloured Diamond Engagement Rings: Brown, Black & Grey Diamonds

Coloured Diamond Engagement Rings: Brown, Black & Grey Diamonds

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Coloured Diamond Engagement Rings: Brown, Black & Grey Diamonds

In the wake of our diamond consultant Claudia's engagement over the summer with a unique cognac diamond engagement ring, we have had a lot of questions about coloured diamonds for the non-traditional bride. Those looking for something unique and 'outside the box are drawn to these alternatives and with colours ranging the spectrum of the rainbow, your options are endless. Some coloured diamonds fetch an extraordinary amount of money due to their rarity, but today we are talking about the more affordable coloured diamond options - black, brown and grey diamonds.

Affordable Options

Black, brown and grey diamonds are your more affordable colour options allowing you to get more size for you money with a price per carat usually less than the traditional 'colourless diamonds'. They have the exact same hardness as a colourless diamond, making them more appealing than softer gemstone alternatives for wear and durability.

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are generally colour treated for intensity so ask your reputable jeweller  to confirm this when purchasing if they haven't already disclosed the information. They look incredible set against platinum or white gold and are a bit 'grungy' and contemporary. 

Brown Diamonds

Brown diamonds are natural in colour and these gorgeous diamonds usually have undertone colours of either yellow, orange or sometimes even pink! They are sourced primarily at the Argyle Mine in Western Australia, South Africa & Siberia. Brown diamonds are sometimes called Cognacs, Champagnes or the branded term 'Chocolate Diamonds' and look beautiful set in Rose or Yellow Gold - warm and luxurious.

Grey Diamonds

Quality grey diamonds are a little harder to source, but when we do it's something special! Grey diamonds are mined in Russia, Brazil, South Africa and The Argyle Mine in Western Australia. They make amazing engagement rings and even men's wedding rings for those looking for something unique. Set in Rose gold, grey diamonds come alive. 

Why we love them

Coloured diamonds are a talking point and intriguing for a lot of people - each one is completely unique from the next - almost as if they each have their own personality.

It allows you to reflect your personality even more through your choice of jewellery and an extra special heirloom to be passed down through generations!

We absolutely love sourcing coloured diamonds, they are a passion of ours and diamond hunting for a engagement ring and future heirloom makes it all the more special! Falling in love with coloured diamonds? Talk to us, we'd love to help.


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