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Show Off Your Dazzling Diamonds With Some of These X Selfie Tips

Show Off Your Dazzling Diamonds With Some of These X Selfie Tips

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When your significant other requests your hand in marriage, it’s only natural to want to share it with the world. You could post a short one-liner on social media, but how better to announce your impending nuptials than with a beautiful photo of your new diamond engagement ring? 

If you’re trying to snap the perfect shot for a unique online announcement, here are a few helpful hints that may come in handy. 

Consider the Background

Your diamond engagement ring does, of course, deserve to be the focus of your photo. However, it can also be crucial to consider what else is in your image. 

The best photo can be one taken with a wide, medium or close-up angle. There’s no harm in taking several shots to see which one you like the best. Sunsets and landscapes can also offer gorgeous background lighting and colours. 

If you’d prefer to make your engagement a family affair when you announce it to the world, include supporting imagery like your child or a pet. This can be the perfect way to share your happiness while announcing some exciting news at the same time. 

Opt for Natural Light

Lighting may not be your biggest concern when trying to take a photo of your sparkling new engagement ring. However, getting all angles and showing off your diamond’s clarity can involve paying attention to lighting. 

In most situations, the natural light outside will provide some of the best conditions for a photo. Interior lighting can also work, but there’s a high chance that its artificial nature affects the diamond’s colouring and angles. 

…But Take Advantage of All Light

Some lighting conditions may work better than others. Still, it’s essential to take advantage of as many light sources as possible. 

For example, soft and harsh lighting may help make your diamond’s many facets stand out. The more lighting sources on your new engagement ring, the brighter the diamond can shine. You may also find that natural lighting and lighting from your phone can work together in harmony for the perfect shot. 

Play With the Camera’s Focus

Most smartphones manufactured in recent years have spectacular cameras. Typically, they come equipped with an autofocus feature, which is handy for most of the photos you’ll take. 

However, such a feature is not all that suitable for when you’re trying to take close-up shots of your new ring. The foreground and background are both in focus, which means your eye isn’t always automatically drawn to the most important part of the photo – the ring. 

Instead of autofocus, adjust your camera settings into focus mode. This may allow you to snap a photo that subtly blurs out the background and makes your ring the focus of the shot. 

Get the Angle Right

There’s every possibility that the first photo you take will be that ‘winning shot’, but you may also need to play around with different angles to find a picture you’re happy with. 

The closer the ring is to the camera, the larger it can look. You may also see the value of removing other jewellery from your hand, so the diamond ring is the focal point. Don’t forget to relax your fingers for that more natural look. 

Skip the Selfie

Not everyone knows how to take the perfect selfie, and that’s okay. Some occasions are so special that you don’t mind paying money to receive a photo you can look back on and smile at in the years to come.

With that in mind, hiring a professional photographer to capture your engagement session can be a good idea. Your significant other may have even hired one to capture the entire proposal in a series of photos from a distance. 

Don’t Forget Your Fiancé

It’s easy to make your social media posts all about the ring, but don’t forget the person who gave it to you! Feature them in the photo or include another picture of you together with the announcement to make it easier for your social media followers to connect the dots. 

Tell Friends and Family First

As tempting as it can be to upload a photo to social media immediately to announce your engagement, let your nearest and dearest hear about it first. Your engagement is a special moment, and it should be shared with those closest to you before eventually telling distant friends and acquaintances. 

Phone calls, texts, and in-person visits can all be appropriate ways to break the news before eventually updating your status on Facebook

Get Posting

After your spouse has purchased a beautiful new diamond ring to propose to you with, it’s time to show it off to the world. These helpful hints above may be helpful for making sure you can announce your engagement to the world in the most exciting way possible.

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