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How to Know a Diamond Ring Website is Legitimate

How to Know a Diamond Ring Website is Legitimate

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Online shopping has become commonplace in most modern homes. We buy our groceries online, book services, and even purchase clothing for the whole family. Therefore, it’s not out of the question for us to consider purchasing diamond engagement rings online

The problem is, not every jewellery website you come across will be legitimate. Scammers produce millions of websites each year – all in the name of defrauding unsuspecting victims. Fortunately, there are plenty of tell-tale signs that the website you are visiting for that beautiful new wedding ring is as trustworthy and safe as they come. 

It Lists Contact Information

One thing you may notice about scam or fake websites is a lack of contact information. If there is any contact information listed, it’s often fake or does not go anywhere. 

You can determine a New Zealand engagement ring website’s legitimacy by the methods of contact it offers. Reputable jewellers want you to feel safe, so they are transparent in how you can get in touch. 

Some of the most common contact methods offered by such reputable jewellers include online chat functions, toll-free phone numbers, online contact forms, social media links, and email addresses. If they have a head office location, they may also offer the address for that too. 

If you are still unsure whether to trust a site, make contact through one of the avenues to determine its legitimacy. 

Provides Previous Customer Testimonials

How many times have you found yourself reading customer comments on a product being offered online before you choose to buy it? You may be looking for comments from real customers and feedback about the products they have purchased. 

When you find those comments, you then make an informed decision based on them. You can do the same thing when viewing NZ jewellery websites. The most reputable websites will have an area dedicated to customer testimonials

These testimonials are more likely to be legitimate when they are linked to Google accounts that require authentication. 

Professional Website

Scammers don’t spend a lot of time or money creating polished websites. Instead, they produce them in bulk, making them just believable enough to bring in customers they can scam. 

This is one of the primary points of difference between a legitimate jewellery website and a fake one. Genuine ones tend to be clean, tidy, and professional. They also have seamless navigation and very few, if any, spelling and grammatical errors. 

Transparency Around Ethical Diamond Policy

Sometimes, finding a legitimate engagement ring website is not just about making sure that what you purchase will actually turn up. It can also be about how the diamonds within your diamond engagement and wedding rings are sourced. 

Ethical jewellers will likely provide information on their ethical diamond policy. This can outline whether they have a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds and how they may sure the diamonds they sell are ethically sourced. 

Issues GIA Diamond Reports

When you spend your hard-earned money on a beautiful diamond engagement ring, you want it to be high-quality. With some of the best online jewellers, that can be guaranteed. Many of the most reputable websites allow you to choose the diamond to be inserted into a custom engagement ring. 

All diamonds also come with GIA diamond reports, which assess every single diamond’s cut, colour, carat, and clarity. 

Reputable Online Presence

Most people don’t purchase expensive items online without doing their homework about the business or company. At a minimum, check out their social media accounts and Google reviews. 

An unhappy customer will likely be open and honest about their dealings with companies online so that they can warn other prospective purchasers. 

If they don’t have a social media page, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t legitimate. Over 20 percent of small businesses don’t use social media. 

Helpful Website Content

Most scammers and fraudsters won’t go to great lengths to make their website as authentic as possible. They certainly won’t go as far as to provide helpful information on choosing a diamond engagement ring or how to design one. 

You can get an idea of legitimacy based on the actual content of the website. Look out for information on warranties, guarantees, and finance options. Some of the best online jewellers also provide articles and guides on diamond education so that you can make the most informed choice. 

Unless a scammer steals their content from other websites, they are unlikely to go to such lengths to dupe people. 

Purchase with Confidence

Not every online supplier of diamond rings will be legitimate, but that doesn’t mean legitimate ones don’t exist. Any of these things above can signal that the website you’re looking at is the real deal. You can then get started on your journey to purchasing the perfect diamond engagement ring with complete confidence.

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