Coloured Gems

Above images and video are of the actual gem.

0.57 ct Marquise Fancy Sapphire

Bluish green / VI1 Clarity

$688.11 ex GST

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Your Fancy Sapphire Specifications

Gem Report

Stone type: Fancy Sapphire

Colour: Bluish green

Origin: Madagascar

Weight: 0.57ct(s)

Colour Intensity: Intense

Certificate: Gem Report

Dimensions: 7.93 x 3.92 x 2.53mm

Clarity grade: VI1

Price: $688.11 (ExGST)

Shape: Marquise

Treatment: Heated

Emerald Educational Series

Fancy Sapphire Educational Series

Sri Lanka is the oldest known source for sapphire and fancy sapphire. Sometimes it is described as the “Island of Gems”.

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