About Pink Diamonds

About Pink Diamonds

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are the most popular of the colour diamond family. From light pastel pinks to deep raspberry, they exude love, romance and femininity. Pink diamonds have been long admired by Hollywood celebrities and they were brought to the attention of many when Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a whopping 6.1 carat pink diamond in 2004.

Pink Origin & Argyle Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds have only been found in a small number of mines across the world. Over 90% of global pink diamonds were sourced from Western Australia’s Argyle Mine, which closed in November 2020. The Argyle mine was famous for producing highly sought-after, full-bodied hot pink diamonds.

Argyle pink diamonds have achieved strong price growth of over 11% per year since 2005 and, given the closure of the Argyle mine, there is price growth potential for Argyle diamonds.

Colour Formation

Diamonds become pink when heat and pressure cause the crystal lattice to distort, a process that happens deep under the earth’s surface. This distortion causes the diamonds to absorb green light and create a pink colour.

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