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Above photo is of the actual diamond.

GIA Report

Fancy Brown - Orange

1.94 ct Cushion I1 Clarity

Looking for a big fancy cushion cut diamond at just under 2ct graded by GIA as Fancy Brown - Orange. This colour combination gives it something special and the square cushion shape gives choices in accent diamonds like trilliants, cushions, pear shapes etc. Available in our Auckland office for immediate purchase.   

$6,980.00 ex GST

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Your Diamond Specifications

Fancy Diamond ID: 158

Carat: 1.94ct

Dimensions: 7.39 x 7.38 x 4.86mm

Table: 63.0%

Shape: Cushion

Colour: Brown - Orange

Polish: Excellent

Depth: 65.9%

Price: $6,980.00 (ex GST)

Clarity: I1

Symmetry: Excellent

Girdle: SL-EX Thick

Lab: GIA

Cut: NA

Fluorescence: Faint

Culet: None