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GIA Report

Fancy Orangy Pink

1.37 ct / Pear / SI1 Clarity

This is a very unique Pear shape diamond that has been graded by GIA as Fancy Orangy Pink and SI1 clarity. Natural pink diamonds command high prices due to their scarcity. Pink diamonds have increased in value by a big margin over the past 20 years. The Argyle mine in Western Australia produces approximately 90% of the worlds pink diamonds is due to close this year, 2020. Out of all pink diamonds mined only 10% of them when cut and polished weigh above 1ct. This diamond does not have Argyle provenance. We are very proud to own this diamond and it is available in New Zealand for immediate purchase. 

$133,350.00 ex GST

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Your Diamond Specifications

Fancy Diamond ID: 143

Shape: Pear

Price: $133,350.00 (ex GST)

Lab: GIA

Carat: 1.37ct

Colour: Orangy Pink

Clarity: SI1


Dimensions: 8.09 x 6.25 x 4.15mm

Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Good

Fluorescence: Strong Blue

Table: 66.5%

Depth: 57.0%

Girdle: TK - XTK

Culet: None