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Above photo is of the actual diamond.

GIA Report

Fancy Intense Orange Yellow

0.33 ct Radiant VVS2 Clarity

This square Radiant is graded by GIA as Fancy Intense Orange-Yellow with an even colour distribution and a clarity of VVS2. The intense colour make this diamond perfect as a solitaire or with high colour white accent diamonds. Available in New Zealand for immediate purchase. 

$4,485.00 ex GST

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Your Diamond Specifications

Fancy Diamond ID: 138

Carat: 0.33ct

Dimensions: 3.71 x 3.64 x 2.74mm

Table: 66.0%

Shape: Radiant

Colour: Orange Yellow

Polish: Good

Depth: 75.3%

Price: $4,485.00 (ex GST)

Clarity: VVS2

Symmetry: Very Good

Girdle: VTK - ETK

Lab: GIA

Cut: NA

Fluorescence: Nil

Culet: None