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Why Do People Create Custom Engagement Rings?

Why Do People Create Custom Engagement Rings?

Posted in: Engagement

One of the most memorable purchases you may ever make is a diamond engagement ring. It signals the start of a new phase in your life while also being a special gift that the love of your life is bound to adore. 

However, a growing number of couples are beginning to see the value in custom engagement rings. Below, we’ll look at why that may be to help you decide if they could be right for you. 

Buy Exactly What You Want

There’s no denying that pre-made engagement and wedding rings are beautiful. However, after browsing the many jewellery stores near you, you may not have yet found the one you know is more special than any other. 

The beauty of a custom diamond engagement ring is that you can incorporate designs that mean something to you and your relationship. This is not always possible with off-the-shelf rings with a more general design. 

Choose a Setting

It surprises many couples that when you’re creating a diamond engagement ring, you can choose the setting, and not just the diamond. The entire ring is customisable to suit your unique needs. 

You might decide to go for a beautiful statement solitaire setting or a show-stopping solitaire ring with accents. Three-stone settings and multi-stone and halo settings are also popular with those looking for unique rings that no one else has. 

But that’s not even the best part. You can also choose from various precious metals, such as 14K and 18K white gold, platinum, 9K and 18K rose gold, and 9k and 18K yellow gold. 

Pick a Diamond

After choosing a metal and setting type that speaks to your soul, you can move on to picking the best diamond for your unique engagement ring. For many people, this is the highlight of the experience as you can choose a diamond that suits your budget but also suits your preferences. 

It can be worth starting your diamond selection journey with a preferred shape. You might like the simplicity and style of round, radiant, emerald, and oval diamonds, or the beauty of pear, cushion, heart, Asscher, princess, or another. 

There are at least 10 diamond shapes from which to choose, so put time and thought into your preferences before you make your decision. You can then enjoy being able to mull over other diamond features, like carat, colour, and clarity. 

When you create a custom ring, you can choose from 0.2-carat to 15.00 carats. Colours range from D to M, and you can select a flawless diamond or one with imperfections to stay within your budget. There is a diamond type for all price ranges, and you have complete control over the process. 

Shop to a Budget

Salespeople have a job to do. They have to match a customer to a ring and try to make it a memorable and profitable experience at the same time. 

However, some couples can end up getting caught up in the emotion of the purchase and feel pressured into buying rings that are outside of their budget. That doesn’t have to happen when you create your own custom engagement ring online in NZ. 

As previously mentioned, everything from the setting to the diamond colour and clarity is entirely up to you. You only need to spend as much as you want to, and no more. 

For Convenience

While there are plenty of reputable bricks-and-mortar jewellery stores in NZ, it can sometimes be challenging to shop for a ring in person. You might be working when the stores are open, or you want to shop with your significant other, and you can’t find the right time to do it. 

This is one of the most common reasons why people create custom rings online. You can shop for a ring at a time that’s most convenient for you from the comfort of your sofa, then have it delivered directly to your door. 

The ease of the process is also preferrable for many people since you don’t need to worry about inner-city driving, trying to find parking, or waiting for a salesperson to be free to talk to you. 

If you ever need help or have any questions, there’s a support team available along with FAQs to answer some of those more commonly asked questions. However, you can also book an in-person consultation if you’re unsure about shopping online. 

Create a Custom Engagement Ring in NZ Today

The digital age has made it easier than ever before to create and buy custom engagement rings. If you’re after something unique, why not shop with reputable diamond retailer and create the perfect ring to suit your budget? 

You may be surprised at how easy, fast, and convenient it is to do something that may have traditionally taken many in-person jewellery store visits.

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