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The Perfect Fit: How to Size Your Wedding Ring

The Perfect Fit: How to Size Your Wedding Ring

Posted in: Engagement

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Sizing your wedding or engagement ring should never be a guessing game. While having an element of surprise in a proposal can make it a bit trickier to get that perfect fit, there are still plenty of things you can do to get as close to perfection as possible. Curious as to what those might be? Read on to find out. 

Why Size Matters

A wedding ring or engagement ring that doesn’t fit still looks beautiful; there’s no denying that. However, you may be less inclined to wear it when it becomes a hindrance. 

A loose ring can easily be lost every time you use your hands. Washing and drying your hands becomes a game of Russian roulette, and insurance payouts are not always guaranteed if you do lose it, either. 

The same inconveniences occur when your ring is too small. It can be tight and uncomfortable on your finger, and you may even find it’s impossible to get off. Essentially, when a ring is too small or too large, you lose the confidence to wear it. 

When to Size Your Wedding Ring

The size of your finger at the beginning of the day may not be the same as the size at the end of the day. Therefore, a perfectly fitting engagement ring during breakfast could be loose or tight by dinner. What’s going on? 

Weather conditions can affect the shape and size of your fingers. For example, a cold day can cause your fingers to shrink. Warm weather, however, may cause them to swell. 

Do you plan on drinking a hot cocktail or eating salty food before you try on your wedding ring? What about exercising? Believe it or not, these activities can also alter the size of your fingers. Your wedding or engagement ring can fit differently as a result. 

The time of the day and what you’re doing can help you decide when to size your wedding ring. As your fingers can also be swollen in the morning, the best time to measure your finger for a ring is in the middle of the day at room temperature. 

Your Finger Shape Matters

Did you know that your finger shape matters when you’re trying to size your wedding ring? There are two primary types of fingers: tapered and knotted. A tapered ring finger has a broad base but a narrow tip. As a result, a ring can fit perfectly around the bottom of your finger but is quite loose near the top. 

A knotted finger, though, has the fullest point around the knuckle, which means the ring needs to be large enough to fit over that knuckle but may feel loose around the base of your finger. Talk to a diamond expert about combating this problem, for they may recommend add-on sizing beads to act as pressure points and keep your ring in place. 

How to Use a Ring Sizing Guide

One of the most effective ways to size your wedding ring by yourself is with a ring sizing guide from a reputable jewellery seller. The ring sizing guide is an A4 piece of paper with various circles labelled with measurements. 

Print the paper at A4 size, and measure the sample line with a ruler to ensure it’s accurate. You can then measure your finger to determine the new ring size you will need, or measure a ring you already own. 

Such a guide is also helpful if you don’t know the size of any of your current rings. You can sit your ring over the top of one of the printed circles to get an accurate gauge of its size. 

Can You Guess?

It can be easy enough to size your own wedding ring, but what about an engagement ring for your significant other in a surprise proposal? To avoid ruining the romantic moment with an ill-fitting ring, spend time thinking of ways you can get as close to a perfect fit as possible. 

Take note of current rings he or she owns, and measure them on a ring sizing guide. Talk to their friends and family and see if they have any idea. Otherwise, if you have to guess, try, and choose a larger size. That way, you can at least put the engagement ring on their finger during the proposal. 

Can You Resize

If even after doing all your homework, your wedding or engagement ring doesn’t fit, you’re not stuck with it. Most rings can be resized it to fit your finger and here at we offer a complimentary resize two sizes up or down within 90 days of purchase. However, some rings are not suitable for dramatic alterations, so try to be as accurate as possible when placing your order. 

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