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How to keep your diamond ring sparkling

How to keep your diamond ring sparkling

Posted in: Engagement

Diamonds are extremely prone to collecting grease and oil. Even the mere touch of the human finger and the use of everyday products such as body lotion and foundation causes dirt to store in and around the diamond ring. This collection of dirt and oils affects the brilliance and fire of the diamonds, and quickly dulls its sparkle.

So how can we keep our diamonds sparkling every day of the week without having to go into our local jewellers for a professional clean? Our jewellery experts here at are sharing their easy and effective method to keeping your diamonds sparkling, from home!

Soak & Scrub  

Soak your diamond ring in a cup of warm water with a few drops of degreasing solution such as a gentle dish washing liquid (be sure to close the drain if you are working over the kitchen sink!). Leave the ring to sit in the solution for a few minutes and this will allow the dirt to loosen up. Then take a clean soft bristle tooth brush to remove any remaining dirt – leave a tooth brush under the kitchen sink just for ring cleaning purposes.

Drying off

Rinse the diamond ring off with clean water. Then using a lint-free cloth or gem cloth, dry the diamond ring. Using a dry part of the cloth, buff the ring for extra shine. You’ll be amazed by the difference!

*Avoid extra harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, as this can scratch and wear the metal.

These easy steps can be completed up to twice a week and will keep your diamonds sparkling all week long – there is no need to wait for that special occasion!

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