Ring Size Guide

New Zealand uses the same ring size standard as British and Australian ring sizes, which are alphabetical letters and can be followed by fractions (e.g., H and 1/2, L and 1/2, etc.).

The basic sizes based on the inside edge of the ring are shown in the ring size chart image below. Please note that this image is not to scale.

Ring Size Chart NZ

printable ring sizer

For a version that is to scale, please click here and print the pdf file, ensuring that page scaling is set to "none" or to 100%.

Once you have printed the page, place a ring that you have at home (same finger/hand) on the circles until you find the circle that matches the inside edge of the ring.


Alternatively, if you can wait 2-3 working days for delivery, please contact us to order a FREE ring sizer (as shown in the image below).

INTERNATIONAL ring size chart

Diamonds.co.nz uses the British & Australian ring sizes. To convert to the British & Australian size from another system, use the ring size chart for international conversions on ringsizes.co.

 International Ring Size Conversion Chart Header

ring resize

For diamonds.co.nz customers who ordered a diamond ring but the size was incorrect, please see our FAQs page under Jewellery > "2. I received my order, but the ring size is wrong. What should I do?"