About Coloured Diamonds

Natural Coloured Diamonds

From rare pinks and greens to the rarest bluespurples and oranges, natural colour diamonds have been found in every colour of the rainbow.

The natural physical conditions needed to colour a diamond happens so scarcely that colour diamonds are extremely rare and wonderfully special. Only 1 in every 10,000 mined diamonds will possess some type of natural colour, highlighting their rarity.

The three attributes that affect value are:

1. The Rarity of Colour: The rarer the colour, the more valuable the diamond will be. Some colour diamonds possess a secondary colour that will either increase or decrease its value. For example; a brownish- pink (more pink than brown) is more valuable than a pinkish-brown diamond (more brown than pink).

2. The Intensity of the Colour: The intensity of the colour varies greatly and affects value. The more intense the colour, the more valuable the diamond will be. Intensity ranges from:

         Light — Fancy — Intense — Vivid

3. The size of the diamond: If the intensity of the colour is the same and all else being equal, the bigger the diamond is, the more valuable it will be.

Fancy colour diamonds are rare diamonds with natural body colours that are not within the normal D-Z white diamond colour spectrum. Given their rarity, fancy coloured diamonds generally command higher prices than white diamonds. Determining the value of fancy coloured diamonds is, however, much more complex than for white diamonds.

Given their rarity and the opportunity for appreciation in value, fancy coloured diamonds are now a popular investment vehicle, particularly in the current low interest environment. At diamonds.co.nz, we are able to source quality fancy coloured diamonds, whether you are looking to create a beautiful piece of jewellery or are looking purely for investment purposes.

Browse our exquisite collection of natural fancy coloured diamonds, here. Or, read more about specific colours:

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